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Hilltop's materials are the foundation of America's future. We provide our customers with the best value in aggregates and concrete through the most efficient operations and distribution.

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    Our History

    Hilltop Basic Resources, Cincinnati Hilltop Basic Resources, Inc. was founded in Cincinnati in 1941 by I.W. and Katherine D. Steele as a building materials and ready mixed concrete supplier. In 1949, Hilltop expanded into the Dayton, Ohio market and during the 1950's Hilltop became the largest ready mixed concrete producer in the state of Ohio with 14 plants.

    The building materials business called for a large investment of cash with low returns, so in 1957 Hilltop divested that portion of the business. At about the same time a decision was made to expand into the aggregates business in order to ensure a quality supply of materials for Hilltop's ready mixed concrete.

    Hilltop eventually acquired three sand and gravel plants in the Dayton area. Additionally, in 1965, Hilltop opened its largest aggregates plant in Patriot, Indiana to serve internal needs on the river. In 1970 Hilltop began to supply aggregates from that facility to outside customers.

    In the mid 1960's Hilltop exited the ready mixed concrete business. It was a capital intensive business, with excess capacity in the market and significant labor issues. In 1977, Hilltop divested its last ready mixed concrete plant. That division sold truck and plant equipment to the ready mixed concrete industry, as well as municipal equipment.

    Hilltop Basic Resources, Cincinnati In 1982 Hilltop re-entered the ready mixed concrete market in the Cincinnati area with one plant, concentrating on commercial and industrial work.

    In 1993, the transition to the third generation of the Steele family was completed with the election of John Steele, Jr. as President and CEO.

    In January, 1995 Hilltop completed the purchase of a river terminal in Constance, Kentucky, beginning the expansion into the Northern Kentucky market.

    Hilltop Basic Resources, Cincinnati In April, 1995 through a combination of stock redemptions and purchases the president of the company became the owner of 100% of the stock outstanding. This completed the transition of company ownership to the third generation of the Steele family.

    In 1999, Hilltop purchased Maysville Ready Mixed Concrete Company, Inc. ("Maysville Ready Mix"), a long time customer of Hilltop's Patriot plant. Maysville Ready Mixed met Hilltop's criteria for expansion as a well-managed, dominant concrete supplier in its market which Hilltop could continue to supply with quality aggregates.

    In December 2001, Hilltop acquired a limestone quarry in Pendleton County, Kentucky, forming Hilltop Stone, LLC. This acquisition allowed Hilltop to continue to expand its presence in the Northern Kentucky marketplace, a market which is expected to provide significant future growth opportunities.

    Hilltop Basic Resources, Cincinnati In December 2003, Hilltop divested all three Dayton aggregate operations. This divestiture allows Hilltop to focus on its core markets in Cincinnati Ohio, Northern Kentucky and markets along the Ohio River and its tributaries.

    In 2004, Hilltop acquired the Big Bend Quarry located on the Ohio River in Meade County, Kentucky. The quarry is capable of producing high calcium limestone for use by utilities for reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions and construction stone.

    In the spring of 2006, Hilltop opened a terminal and ready mix concrete facility in Aberdeen, Ohio.

    Hilltop continues in the in the ready mixed concrete business in Cincinnati because of a focus on a specific market niche. In Cincinnati, Hilltop concentrates on commercial and industrial work and is the only ready mixed supplier with a plant in the downtown Cincinnati market. Hilltop supplies its Cincinnati ready mixed plant with quality aggregates from the Patriot, Indiana plant.

    Hilltop management realizes the importance of aggregates in our daily lives. Mining of sand and gravel in our modern world is only a transitional use of the land, one which provides vital resources for community needs. This land, however, will achieve future use through reclamation and the results of this process will greatly benefit future generations. By unifying mining with community interest and implementing land use planning, Hilltop will continue to work in partnership with the communities in which it is located to address their long term needs.

    Corporate Objectives

    Hilltop Basic Resources, Inc. is committed to supplying the construction Industry with the best value in aggregates and ready mixed concrete.

    Customer Satisfaction
    We will exceed customer expectations by understanding our customers' needs and providing them with superior value.

    We will operate all plants and equipment with a keen awareness and interest in safety. All of our people will receive intensive training in safety, safety procedures and safety equipment.

    We will treat each other with fairness, dignity and respect. We will act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.

    We will be good corporate citizens in the communities that we serve and we will comply with all applicable regulations. We will encourage our people to take a leadership role in worthwhile community activities and organizations.

    Financial Performance
    We will exercise sound judgment in allocating resources in order to maintain and grow our business. We are committed to investing in aggregate reserves for the future. Our management, division managers and plant managers are responsible for profitability.

    We understand the importance of working in partnership with our suppliers in order to create value. Our expectations include product performance, service, innovation and flexibility. When we look at cost, we consider value.

    We will give our customers exceptional quality by addressing their needs better than the competition. We will be diligent in our efforts to continuously improve the methods we use in producing and delivering our products.

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